RaducaHello, if you are here reading these lines you must have already crossed an ocean of photos, web sites, and personal statements that invite you to choose your therapist; or, like in any other journey, you could have landed here from your first try. Yet regardless of the road taken, you have made your biggest step yet, your first step against fear, depression, stagnation, sadness. It might not be the first time you have searched for therapy yet nevertheless it is your first step again in your search for healing, safety, connection. At this meeting place in our potential relationship, my main interest is how I (at this point only a photo on a virtual page) can get you to feel seen and feel felt. How can I, in this virtual form, allow for that moment of respite where you can breathe in relief and say to yourself “I can begin.” Yet the answer is simple: using imagination.

So please imagine and give yourself permission to know that at each step of this journey you will not be alone. You will have next to you a committed co-traveler who will be there through all the ease and challenges such a healing road will entail. I will be that co-traveler who offers support, unconditional regard, reflection, and at times information. Together we will meet and understand the parts of You that carry fear, embarrassment, depression, doubt. The parts with whom at times we will walk fast or slow, we will cry and we will laugh, and with whom we will befriend and make allies for the health of your larger, integrated Self.Therapy at its essence is a shared journey. I am only a piece of it. You are the other.


  • Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude: Columbia University
  • Masters Degree In Psychology: Antioch University

Additional Activities & Memberships

  • Founded and led a support group for students with disabilities and acted as liaison between disabled student body and administration at Columbia University. Served on President’s advisory board on disability.
  • Acted as liaison between the Columbia University and New York University offices for students with disabilities to facilitate dialogue on a wide range of issues from discrimination to dating.
  • Trained in end-of-life counseling and bereavement and offered support for family members in dealing with the death of a loved one at Cedars-Sinai medical center.
  • Founded and led inter-faith women support group dealing with spiritual approaches to life’s challenges at Unitarian-Universalist Church of Studio City.
  • Founded and led women’s support group based on 12-step approach to strengthen local social networks and build community in Studio City, California.
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • San Fernando Valley Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Licenses, Certifications & Awards

  • Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, MFTI# 71198
  • Certified in Trauma Stress Studies at JRI, Boston, Massachusets.